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can't believe its been 5 years since I first met Todd.
sort of an "anniversary" although we weren't "dating" til a few months later

had a great weekend regardless - did all the touristy thing even

parade, tubing the Yampa river, fireworks
after church today we even watched the cattle drive then hiked to Rabbit Ears Peak with the dog. The rain managed to allow us to do all this - just raining in between events - although we did get sprinkled on a bit on the river - we were already wet anyhow!

photos/videos on my Facebook - too lazy to put them on Photobucket ;)

I also biked 2 trails Friday after work and had my first tumble in 2 years - I'm pretty sore and have a nasty bruise on my knee but otherwise just fine and laughed at myself - ahh mountain biking :)

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