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oh LJ i missed you
Not too many friends use Livejournal these days so I haven't really even been lurking here as often as I used to

I'm still alive.
Todd moved back a couple weeks ago but then the Jeep started to have transmission issues, luckily its just low on fluids!

Had a Thanksgiving feast at our place with some friends and had a great time.
Put up some Christmas lights
Gonna cut down a tree and haul it home this weekend, assuming we can find a space for it in the house.

More than anything I'm looking forward to doing taxes so I can throw that money at credit cards and really take care of things. Then I can justify buying a huge HD TV and a stereo system :)

Skiing lots, still working 4 10s
yup not too much new happening!

sill alive

still alive
forget I have Livejournal sometimes but lurking reading other's posts

had a vacation back to NY
got to see family in Ohio I had not seen in 12 years
got to hang with Michelle Lacy and Bill in PA for a night and meet Annie - good times
was Maid of Honor in my BFF Sarah's wedding. Super happy for her and Matthew

really miss having things be normal
Todd's still in Maine but we got to hang out a little, wish it was longer

my cat is obsessively licking his belly, even with a cone on
my work computer got a trojan and I've been working from home for a few days which is a much nicer commute

yup i'm still around - just waiting til I can start skiing again

whee toys

I got a new phone yesterday. Verizon lets you get another 2 year contract and gives you a free phone or discounted phone so of course I cannot resist. I've started texting more lately so I got the Motorola Rival since its got a slide out keyboard. So far my only complaint is that you have to save photos from your SD card to the phone memory to use them for picture IDs (not really that important anyways)

It apparently also has Pacman and Are you Smarter Than A 5th Grader :) I haven't had a phone with any games in a looonng time.

Keeping busy, biking a lot again, hiking tons. And a free show tonight at the ski area. One of these days I might make it home before 9 PM - not likely haha
My cats hate me because of it.

That's about it - leaving in a month for NY - can't wait!

Photo Meme

Photo Meme: The first seven people who respond to this post with a request will get a picture. The idea is to get to know my world visually, so ask me for a picture/view of anything. (Well, anything within reason, that is.) Something along the lines of "the view from you bedroom window" or "your desk at work" or "a stick of butter," is what we're looking for. Be creative!


The rules: Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you. It's fun!! do it now!!

Words given to me by brighty18:
Cats Sugar Biking Colorado Outdoors

What am I the crazy cat lady?! Probably! Ever since we adopted the first stray I grew up with - Ragamuffin, I've been really into cats. Love em, crazy cat lady, sure. I have two now - Hendrix and Morrison. Even Todd loves them to death. You sometimes don't realize how cool a pet is until you really get to know them, and mine have personality (x2). Hendrix is a living teddy bear, he's super fluffy and loves to snuggle. Morrison is more the "normal" cat, except he can't seem to use a litter box properly still after 5 years - scratches the edges of the box instead of digging so basically nothinggets covered, if he chooses to even use the box instead of the bathtub. My cats my children.

Sugar is my dog - we adopted her from the shelter when she was a year old - she'll be 4 this December. Having a dog has made me do a lot more walking around town. I love walking but its way more fun with a mutt on your side. She is an avid frisbee dog but bring out the ball and all bets are off, nothing else matters but that ball. She's a huge part of the family and travels everywhere with us. She's a companion dog and will do anything to protect Todd and I, including from eachother :)

To me, if I'm having a shitty day or just bummed about something, a nice long mountain bike ride seems to wash it all away. I'm not the fastest or strongest rider but I'm getting better at it each time I go out. I've been able to see so many beautiful sites while biking and taking it all in. Races aren't that important to me although I do them more for the motivation to get out there. Biking also means money. Unfortunately I need at least new cables and a minor tune once a year. Good mountain bikes are expensive, mine is not on the higher end its about in the middle. One day I will have a carbon fiber frame that I can actually get up a hill faster.

Colorado means freedom. It was the only place I wanted to live while growing up, although I knew nothing much about it. My uncle Ron lived in Boulder for a long time while I was growing up. I thought it was "so cool". So after college I moved here, managed to get a job and love living the rocky mountains. There is so much to do here and so much to explore. There are rivers to raft, trails to hike and bike, camping, parks to explore, 14ers to summit, ski mountains to explore. There is something for everyone and the scenery is unmatched in my opinion. I love that the closest real city is hours away from where I live. I love seeing deer, hawks, eagles, elk, etc on a day to day basis. I love not having traffic. It's like being on vacation all the time. People pay thousands just to visit where I live and I get to spend all my time here. It's priceless.

The outdoors pretty much describes me to a T. While in college in a city for 4 years I kind of lost sight of that, but growing up in the Adirondacks and now being in the Rocky Mountains I really am and outdoorsy person. Personally I call myself a mountain goat. Beyond the honking horns of the cars, the smell and the congestion of cities, the outdoors opens up to the places left somewhat untouched by humans, which is what makes it so beautiful and amazing to me. To think that perhaps it has been months since another person stepped foot where I just hiked, etc. Camping without a site, a firepit, a toilet. THAT is living!
hendrix, woah

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can't believe its been 5 years since I first met Todd.
sort of an "anniversary" although we weren't "dating" til a few months later

had a great weekend regardless - did all the touristy thing even

parade, tubing the Yampa river, fireworks
after church today we even watched the cattle drive then hiked to Rabbit Ears Peak with the dog. The rain managed to allow us to do all this - just raining in between events - although we did get sprinkled on a bit on the river - we were already wet anyhow!

photos/videos on my Facebook - too lazy to put them on Photobucket ;)

I also biked 2 trails Friday after work and had my first tumble in 2 years - I'm pretty sore and have a nasty bruise on my knee but otherwise just fine and laughed at myself - ahh mountain biking :)
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dog, sugar

public post

I posted a really long entry earlier that I still have yet to finish. Initially it was going to be friends only but then I thought more and decided it was more for my reflection than anything.

So instead of just leaving everyone else empty handed into what's going on in my world.

My empty house feels a lot more empty than I expected it to, even with a kitty on my lap.
My teeth are really white - but I'm not completely transformed yet
I'm getting stronger as a biker
I love my cats and dog more than anything
I've been going to the United Methodist Church here for several weeks now
Really wish I got to talk to my dad tonight
I've become HUGELY family oriented

yup that's the update - that's all you get ;)
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